New Contraceptive Choices: Questions and Answers

New Contraceptive Choices: Questions and Answers

The Long Road of Contraceptive Development

1. How long does it take for a new contraceptive to reach the public? answer
2. What regulatory approval is needed before a new contraceptive reaches the public? answer
3. Will all new contraceptive methods be available in developing countries? answer
4. What testing must a new contraceptive undergo before reaching the market? answer

Vaginal Rings

5. How do vaginal rings deliver hormones? answer
6. Are vaginal rings available in developing countries? answer
7. Are any progestin-only rings available? answer
8. How have users’ experiences been with vaginal rings? answer

Transdermal Contraception

9. What is transdermal contraception? answer
10. What types of transdermal contraception are available? answer
11. What types of transdermal contraception are in development answer
12. Who is a good candidate for the Ortho Evra® contraceptive patch? answer

Contraceptive Implants

13. What improvements do new implant systems offer? answer
14. What new implants are available? answer
15. Are any new implants designed specifically for breastfeeding women? answer

Combined Injectables

16. How do combined injectables differ from progestin-only injectables? answer
17. Combined injectables have been on the market for years. Why are they gaining attention now? answer
18. How effective are combined injectables? answer
19. What are the discontinuation rates for combined injectables like? answer
20. What is Uniject and how would it provide better access to combined injectables? answer
21. What is the new subcutaneous depot-medroxyprogesterone (DMPA-SC)? answer


22. What special features do new male condoms have? answer
23. How do the new male condoms compare to widely available latex condoms? answer
24. Only one female condom, the FC Female Condom®, is on the market. Are there other female condoms in development? answer
25. What special features do the new female condoms have? When will they reach the market? answer

Fertility Awareness-Based Methods

26. What are the new fertility awareness-based approaches? answer
27. Why incorporate the Standard Days Method™ and the TwoDay Method™ into family planning services? answer
28. How does the Standard Days Method™ help prevent pregnancy? answer
29. Would the Standard Days Method™ work for everyone? answer
30. How does the TwoDay Method help prevent pregnancy? answer
31. Would the TwoDay Method work for everyone? answer
32. How effective are the new fertility awareness-based methods? answer

Oral Contraceptives

33. What new oral contraceptive (OC) formulations are available? answer
34. How does a continuous-use oral contraceptive regimen differ from a monthly regimen? answer
35. Why use oral contraceptives (OCs) continuously? answer
36. What are the benefits of drospirenone, the new progestin in the new combined oral contraceptive, Yasmin®? answer
37. What are the benefits desogestrel, the new progestin in the new progestin-only OC, Cerazette® ? answer

Intrauterine Devices

38. What improvements do the new Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) feature? answer
39. How do progestin-releasing IUDs differ from copper-bearing IUDs? answer
40. Are any new IUDs designed specifically for women who have never been pregnant? answer
41. What are frameless IUDs? answer

Transcervical Female Sterilization

42. How does transcervical sterilization differ from tubal ligation? answer
43. How does the microcoil Essure® prevent pregnancy? answer
44. How does Quinacrine prevent pregnancy? answer
45. Is Quinacrine safe? answer
46. How does the Adiana Procedure prevent pregnancy? answer
47. Are transcervical sterilization methods available in developing countries? answer

Male Hormonal Contraception

48. How long has hormonal contraception for men been in development and when will it become available? answer
49. How would a hormonal contraceptive method for men work? answer
50. How effective would a male hormonal contraceptive be? answer
51. Are there any side effects of male hormonal contraception? answer
52. Why does development of hormonal contraceptive methods for men lag so far behind those for women? answer
53. How acceptable is male hormonal contraception? answer

Gene-Based Approaches

54. How have scientific advances in gene research aided in the development of a gene-based contraception? answer
55. How might female gene-based contraception prevent pregnancy? answer
56. How might male gene-based contraception prevent pregnancy? answer
57. When will gene-based contraceptives be available? answer
52. How would gene-based contraceptive approaches differ from currently available methods? answer

Vaginal Barriers

58. Do the new vaginal barrier methods protect against HIV? answer
59. What are the new diaphragm-like devices? answer
60. What are the new cervical caps? answer
61. Are any contraceptive sponges on the market today? answer
62. Are sponges appropriate for all women? answer
63. How effective are the new contraceptive sponges? answer


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