Surveillance in Reproductive Health

dr. Siswanto Agus Wilopo, M.Sc., Sc.D

Type: Advanced Module in Reproductive Epidemiology

Duration: 2 weeks

Next course dates: 16/08/2010-28/08/2010

Credit points and SIT:

3 ECTS 90 Study hours (36 contact hours, 54 self-study hours): 24 hours lecture, 12 hours tutorials and workshops in computer labs, 20 hours home-work assignments (data analysis), 20 hours report writing, 10 hours private reading, and 4 hours exam and assessment.

Learning Objectives:

After studying the material in this module, the student should be able to:

  1. Define public health surveillance, goals and its components in reproductive health in developing countries.
  2. List general principles of public health surveillance applied to reproductive health.
  3. List the main uses and sources of surveillance data that are relevant to reproductive health surveillance.
  4. Describe methods and systems useful for conducting reproductive health surveillance.
  5. Perform basic analysis of surveillance data.
  6. List the various attributes of surveillance systems.
  7. Describe how reproductive surveillance data are linked to public health action.
  8. Describe how to link health program objectives and indicators to surveillance.
  9. Use a surveillance grid to plan a reproductive health surveillance system.
  10. List example of surveillance systems specific to reproductive health.
  11. Discuss the steps in the evaluation of a surveillance system in reproductive health in developing countries.


The course will cover following module:

  1. Introduction to Public Health Surveillance
  2. Public Health Surveillance Applied to Reproductive Health
  3. Source of Data for Public Health Surveillance
  4. Type of Surveillance Systems
  5. Components of Surveillance Process
  6. Evaluation of Surveillance Systems
  7. Case Study for Reproductive Health Surveillance in Indonesia.

Course coordinator:

Siswanto Agus Wilopo, M.D., M.Sc., Sc.D.
Telephone/Facsimile: (62-274) 548156


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