Lancet Series – Health in Southeast Asia

Health in Southeast Asia

Launched in Bangkok, Thailand, Jan 25, 2011

Executive summary
The health of 10 countries analysed in the Lancet Series on southeast Asia — Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam — concerns the health of 580 million people.”Until public health trumps private wealth, progress in health across the region will be disjointed and inequitable. Only by placing human rights at the heart of development will the right of the region’s 580 million people to the highest attainable standard of health be realised.”

So concludes a Comment summarizing this series about health in southeast Asia. The series itself highlights key health issues: infectious disease control, maternal and child health, reducing the impact of chronic diseases, and the finance and human resource issues that need to be addressed to improve health and health equity in this diverse region of the world.

Series Comments
Health in southeast Asia

Full Text | PDF

Southeast Asia: an emerging focus for global health

Full Text | PDF

Challenges in infection in ASEAN

Full Text | PDF

Mental health in southeast Asia

Full Text | PDF

Civil society in ASEAN: a healthy development?

Full Text | PDF

A stormy future for population health in southeast Asia?

Full Text | PDF

Series Papers
Health and health-care systems in southeast Asia: diversity and transitions

Summary | Full Text | PDF

Maternal, neonatal, and child health in southeast Asia: towards greater regional collaboration

Summary | Full Text | PDF

Emerging infectious diseases in southeast Asia: regional challenges to control

Summary | Full Text | PDF

The rise of chronic non-communicable diseases in southeast Asia: time for action

Summary | Full Text | PDF

Human resources for health in southeast Asia: shortages, distributional challenges, and international trade in health services

Summary | Full Text | PDF

Health-financing reforms in southeast Asia: challenges in achieving universal coverage

Summary | Full Text | PDF


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