Department of Maternal-Child Health & Reproductive Health (MCH-RH) Profile

The Department of Maternal–Child Health & Reproductive Health seeks to improve national and global reproductive health status through education, research, and public service from a public health perspective. The twenty-first century has arrived with complex changes in demographic patterns, disease burdens, health problems and development policies at national and international levels. These changes are affecting all societies, rich and poor, developed and developing countries that needs to be responded by academic communities.

The Department of MCH-RH is comprised of an interdisciplinary of faculty whose research, teaching, and practice address sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health, and population changes. Its focus is to promote health, growth, and development across the lifespan, of populations in the Indonesia and worldwide.

Research, evaluation, and practice are integral to the department’s academic programs and faculty efforts. The department’s members generate scientific knowledge and public health ideas through their research, strengthen technical and leadership skills through educational programs, and enhance national capacities through collaborative projects, including its collaboration with other the developing world (i.e.: INDEPTH and INCLEN Networks) and developed world (i.e.: the Johns Hopkins University and Umea University). Our faculty apply and develop a broad range of methods which are drawn from demography, biostatistics, epidemiology, nutrition, developmental psychology, sociology, health services research, nutrition, economics, communication sciences, policy analysis, behavioral sciences and related disciplines in research and professional practice. The department faculty members are drawn from expertise in many areas, i.e.: obstetric gynecology, pediatrics, reproductive biology, epidemiology, biostatistics, demography, economics, ethics, anthropology, political science, and sociology.

The Department of MCH–RH program will prepare candidates for careers in academic institution, administration, policy, and evaluation. Students will hone the skills to be a top-notch researcher and/or a visionary program manager and leader in reproductive health-related settings. There are three (3) academic program tracts for the Department of Reproductive Health: a) Maternal and Child Health, b) Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology, and c) Population and Family Health Tracts.

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